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Cafe (2011)

Café is a movie starring Daniel Eric Gold, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Hubbel Palmer. When tragedy strikes the community surrounding a cafe in West Philadelphia, the cafe's regulars come to realize how intertwined their lives truly...

IMDB: 5.61 Likes

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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 95
  • IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 
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The Synopsis for Cafe (2011) 720p

A good-hearted musician struggles to find a way to tell his beautiful barista coworker that he loves her, despite the fact that she is in a relationship. Meanwhile, regulars and customers at the café where they work have their own problems and encounters. A police officer keeps his eye on his wayward cousin, who owes money to a charismatic dealer, and a married man contemplates his relationship with a good-looking new acquaintance. However, one customer believes he is in fact the main character in a computer simulation of modern life, set in the microcosm of the café, all designed by a young girl.

The Director and Players for Cafe (2011) 720p

[Director]Marc Erlbaum
[Role:]Richard Short
[Role:]Daniel Eric Gold
[Role:]Jennifer Love Hewitt
[Role:]Hubbel Palmer

The Reviews for Cafe (2011) 720p

I would give this movie an infinite number of stars instead of 10Reviewed byPam SchwetzVote: 10/10

I really absolutely love this movie. It works on such a deep spiritual level. It is a must see movie. I highly recommend it. I just found it in my instant netflix streaming and found out that it was leaving soon so had to watch it before it left and so far have watched it three times in a row but had to stop to share it with others.I hope you get to see this movie and you get the message. Wonderfully eye opening perceptive profound phenomenal masterpiece. Great cast, great screen writing, great directing, great cinematography...I don't want to give anything away so don't know what else to say besides that I highly recommend it and hope you enjoy it and it enlightens you as much as it did me.

saw it - discussed it with friends - nobody agreed as to what this is aboutReviewed byzif ofozVote: 5/10

so i decided to toss my thoughts toward this odd movie.

first i think the director is playing tricks with the viewer. by this i mean the viewer must decide for himself who or which character is real and which character is not real.

the fellow sitting at the corner table with the notebook and writing constantly in it is the key to this puzzle of people. we are seeing his imagined players or characters along with the real. he's creating a story for us but we must choose the characters to believe in.

therefore it occurred to me this is a shared visualization of the notebook writing man's solipsism. some of his characters are very real - the café employees for example. the imagined ones are the fat guy with laptop and his 'little girl guide'. i believe the troubled black guy isn't real - neither are the police. it's your choice through the entire film! i have more but i've explained myself as clearly as i can. then remember the café owner is never seen - that is what triggered my interpretation.

i do so wish the director had not included that sappy ending. i was very into the action and mystery of exactly what was happening then it's as if the director just wanted to 'wrap it up' and go home. too bad!

confusing and unsatisfactoryReviewed byskunzmaenVote: 2/10

So without spoiling anything i wanna tell u my main problems with this movie. its all focused around this one small cafe which gives it a nice indie vibe. it could have been intresting having 1 huge bottle episode but the problem is that they are trying so hard to be different and artsy that u just cant keep up with all these different stories happening. they try to put it all together but instead of movies where all makes sense at the end or at least fits together perfectly, this movie only gets more confusing with every unnecessary side character and side sorry but u can only enjoy this film if u wanna make fun of it.

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