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Jane (2017)

The life and work of the renowned primatology scientist, Jane Goodall, especially on her research about chimpanzees.

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The Synopsis for Jane (2017) 720p

The life and work of the renowned primatology scientist, Jane Goodall, especially on her research about chimpanzees.

The Director and Players for Jane (2017) 720p

[Director]Brett Morgen
[Role:]Jane Goodall

The Reviews for Jane (2017) 720p

This brings back memoriesReviewed bymilbankjVote: 9/10

"Jane" is a pretty good doco; indeed, among the best I have seen. Unlike many nowadays, including some other National Geographic product, it maintains a high standard in all respects. This includes its overall construction, the near-impeccable score, the absence of hysterical and breathless dialogue and commentary, and most of all, the editing and fine mixing of archival and new moving and still imagery. The story, of course, stands on its own two feet.

So I have no quibbles. Any complaints about some fuzzy pictures ignore such realities as the quality of films made in difficult circumstances with the equipment of the day decades ago, even by professionals, and the few home movie clips which this production employs judiciously. Critics of fairly frequent footage of Goodall carrying and using binoculars, and staring into the jungled distance are a humorous reminder of my eight visits to Africa. I found many tourists (especially but not exclusively American) with such a low attention span that they complain if they don't see an amazing critter around every bush and have no patience for searching. I don't mind "Jane" reminding us that binoculars are among the most used and more important tools of wildlife watchers and photographers. Goodall's need for binoculars sits side by side with her discovery that chimpanzees, just like humans, make and use tools.

WonderfulReviewed byMike BVote: 9/10

It's always a nice feeling when you come out of a movie with a "Now that was GOOD!!"

I remember Jane Goodall from those National Geographic documentaries and reading articles about her in the same magazine - years and years ago. But I never knew much about her. This film fills in those gaps - about who she is as an individual. And you learn about Chimpanzees too. I was surprised that she had absolutely no university training and background. She was a nature and animal lover - and brought a fresh perspective.

The only quibble I have was that she states a few times that "she was on her own and alone". There were photographers with her and she had a base camp. Also the musical accompaniment was overdone.

This is really a wonderful documentary on a now legendary and marvelous person.

Why you should never use outtakesReviewed bydokraussVote: 5/10

Someone found a box of unused film clips that Jane Goodall's husband, cinematographer Hugo van Lawick, had left in a box and decided to piece them together into another Jane Goodall documentary. You'll see why van Lawick left them in a box because they are posed shots of Jane looking through binoculars, climbing trees, washing her hair, looking through binoculars, walking through the jungle, looking through binoculars, playing with a chimp, looking through binoculars, and looking through binoculars. Only reason to watch this is an attempt to induce an aneurysm.

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