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Roxanne (1987) 1080p

The large-nosed C.D. Bales is in love with the beautiful Roxanne; she falls for his personality but another man's looks.

IMDB: 6.64 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Romance
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 107
  • IMDB Rating: 6.6/10 
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The Synopsis for Roxanne (1987) 1080p

In Nelson, the chief of the firemen C. D. Bales is a man with complex since he has a huge nose. When his friend Dixie rents her house to the gorgeous student of astronomy Roxanne, he falls in love with her but keeps his feelings as a secret. C.D. hires the handsome fireman Chris and Roxanne asks C.D. to help her to date him. However Chris is an average American with very limited culture and he asks C.D. to help him to get in her pants. C.D. writes letters disclosing his feelings for her and Roxanne is seduced by the man that writes such letters. What will happen when she meets Chris?

The Director and Players for Roxanne (1987) 1080p

[Director]Fred Schepisi
[Role:]Daryl Hannah
[Role:]Steve Martin
[Role:]Rick Rossovich

The Reviews for Roxanne (1987) 1080p

Funny, romantic, beautiful... who would have thought?Reviewed bycody-17Vote: 8/10

Steve Martin's genius as a comic actor has never been in doubt. But once in a while even a genius does something astounding. For Martin it is "Roxanne". Possibly THE funniest movie that I have ever seen, not to mention passionately romantic, it also does something that so few movies are able to do today... it stays intelligent despite the humor. In today's Hollywood so many comedies fall into the trap of deplorable slapstick and gratuitous cussing, "Roxanne" succeeds in entertaining us through colorful characters, enchanting surprises, and witty intelligent dialogue. Where have movies like this gone to? Where were they to begin with? A rare jewel in the sands of Hollywood, see this movie like your life depends on it (tip to the wise: take a date). Pay special attention to the character of Andy, he is a special treat throughout the film. Also look for a VERY young Damon Wayans. The treats abound.

"Earn more sessions by sleeving!"Reviewed bySmileysWorldVote: 8/10

Two guys like the same girl.One has a way with words,the other does not.The girl likes the latter guy,and the latter guy wishes to approach her but doesn't want to blow it with a bad choice of words.The two men work together,so he enlists his golden tongued boss to be his coach.It's a great premise for a comedy film,one tailor made for the comedic genius of Steve Martin..It is by far Martin's silliest film and one of his best..I mean,wall to wall silliness! You may look for a dramatic moment here and there,but there's none to be found.Martin is surrounded by a great supporting cast,who all worked equally as hard as he did to make it a gem of a comedy film.

a romantic comedy with genuine charmReviewed byMichael NeumannVote: 7/10

The idea Steve Martin updating the story of Cyrano de Bergerac may seem a little like stretching a round hole to accept a square peg, but the result was actually one of the brighter romantic comedies of recent summers, thanks in large part to the ideal balance of talents between Martin's typically absurd sense of humor and some level-headed direction by veteran Fred Schepisi. Martin himself stars as C.D., a plucky and resourceful small town fire chief whose charm is surpassed only by the length of his nose. He loves the fair Roxanne (a young astronomer) from afar, while she only has eyes for the tall, dark and hopeless hunk from Martin's inept fire department. C.D. is soon persuaded to write his rival's love letters, into which he pours all his own frustrated romantic longings, and the subsequent complications give Martin a chance to display the keen timing and playful sense of humor too often lacking in his other films. Even more surprising is producer Martin's generosity as a writer: some of his best lines are given to the supporting players. It isn't art, but the film has enough sunny humor and bittersweet irony to make it more than just another routine romantic distraction.

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