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The Hidden Fortress (1958)

Lured by gold, two greedy peasants escort a man and woman across enemy lines. However, they do not realize that their companions are actually a princess and her general.

IMDB: 8.13 Likes

  • Genre: Adventure | Drama
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  • Language: Japanese
  • Run Time: 139
  • IMDB Rating: 8.1/10 
  • MPR: Normal
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The Synopsis for The Hidden Fortress (1958) 720p

The story follows two greedy peasants in feudal Japan, Tahei and Matashichi, who are returning home from a failed attempt to profit from a war between neighboring clans. En Route they encounter the remnants of the defeated tribe that consists, most notably, of a famous General and a Princess who are hiding out in a fortress in the mountains. General Rokurota Makabe and Princess Yuki need to escape into allied territory with their large supply of gold so that they can rebuild their shattered clan. To do this the Peasants are tricked into helping them, with the promise that they will receive a large share of the gold when the destination is reached. Along the way, the General's prowess is put to the test as he must guide the 4, and later 5 with the inclusion of a freed slave, through close encounters with the pursuing enemy, and out of difficult situations the bumbling peasants manage to get them into.

The Director and Players for The Hidden Fortress (1958) 720p

[Director]Akira Kurosawa
[Role:]Toshir? Mifune
[Role:]Minoru Chiaki
[Role:]Misa Uehara

The Reviews for The Hidden Fortress (1958) 720p

Adventure in the days before CGIReviewed byCharles Herold (cherold)Vote: 8/10

It's been a while since I've watched an older movie, but I recently decided to check out Kurosawa films I haven't seen, and watching this movie is a good reminder that you don't need special effects and flashy cinematographic swoops to make a good movie.

The movie itself is interesting and rather unusual in terms of the Kurosawa films I've seen. First off, the main protagonists are a pair of greedy, stupid peasants played primarily for comedic effect. The heroic characters are, in this movie, in supporting roles.

It is also unusual in that it has a very strong female character. Kurosawa's movies tend to be very masculine, and this one is as well, but the girl is tough, proud, and noble, and replaces the quiet subservience seen from women in a lot of old Japanese movies with a ferocious appetite for life.

I wouldn't say this ranks with Kurosawa's best films, being a little wandering in story and at times slightly puzzling in intent, but it is quite entertaining.

This movie deserves to be mentioned by itself!Reviewed byDark EyeVote: 10/10

This is another enjoyable outing from one of the world's most beloved film director, Akira Kurosawa. In my opinion its much more like a comedy, yet never ignored the serious aspects of human nature - which is why I enjoyed it so much. But when it comes to slash & hack samurai-themed movies of his, I think the Seven Samurai & Yojimbo is still unbeatable.

Its a bit strange to hear that so many have to mention Star Wars with this film. Okay so Lucas is a rip-off (a pretty good one though) but its free publicity nonetheless!

Also, any comparison between the two is downright stupid because Star Wars is purely a Sci-Fi movie and Lucas' directing skill is ... well, rather abysmal (but not awful, American Graffiti is a great movie - so give this guy some merit). Don't get me wrong, I love Star Wars and I think Lucas is a brilliant storyteller. However, Kurosawa is in an entirely different class, and like other greats such as Hitchcock and Godard, he is incomparable. I would list him in the top 10 most influential film director of all time. He inspired and influenced other heavyweight directors such as Scorsese, Spielberg, Herzog, John Sturges (The Magnificent Seven). Oh, and yes ... Lucas too, for those of you who are hardcore Star Wars fans.

A little disappointmentReviewed bySebastian (basti-mehling)Vote: 7/10

I must admit that this was the first movie by Kurosawa that disappointed me a little bit, although it has some great scenes (the first ten minutes until the massacre in front of the mines are great and of course the fire-festival scene). The story though was hard to get and the characters (unsually for Kurosawa) rather stereo-types than human beings. Especially the stupid and greedy peasants got on my nerves after a while, acting like clown-children all the time, without any character development. Mifune is great as incarnation of manliness though, and the androgyn princess is also an interesting figure, kind of Japanese styled hunt goddess Diana, sweet and small on the one hand, rude and imperious on the other. Could have been a great movie, since it has everything Kurosawa usually needs to develop his great psychological character studies... I missed something like the great monologue of Mifune in the Seven Samurai, where he is first mocking the farmers for their ridiculousness, but then turning his speech into a stirring accusation against the class of the Samurai, that suppressed the formerly free farmers and made them what they are, small, weak and afraid all the time....Hidden Fortres instead, with its all time noble, strong and good Mifune as opposed to the all time greedy, weak and unloyal farmers seems to give rather a reason for mastery of the one over the other, since it does not try to explain its characters.

As key scene however, the fire dance with its song (a man's life goes with the fire/a worm's life drops into the flames)is so electrifying and has such a tense atmosphere, that it alone compensates for the rather conservative plot development....

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