Yatterman (2009) 1080p YIFY Movie

Yatterman (2009) 1080p

Every week, toy-shop owner Gan and his cute assistant Ai battled the evil Doronbo gang. The gang led by femme fatale Doronjo and her assistants-pig-nosed muscleman Tonzra and rat-faced ...

IMDB: 6.12 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Adventure
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 2.13G
  • Resolution: / fps
  • Language: Japanese
  • Run Time: 119
  • IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 0 / 1

The Synopsis for Yatterman (2009) 1080p

Every week, toy-shop owner Gan and his cute assistant Ai battled the evil Doronbo gang. The gang led by femme fatale Doronjo and her assistants-pig-nosed muscleman Tonzra and rat-faced mecha genius Boyacky-for pieces of the mystical skull stone, and every week the Doronbo gang failed (usually due to incompetence). Then there was a mushroom cloud, Gan and Ai did their Yatterman dance and the gang regrouped the following week to do it all over again.

The Director and Players for Yatterman (2009) 1080p

[Director]Takashi Miike
[Role:]Kyoko Fukada
[Role:]Saki Fukuda
[Role:]Sh? Sakurai

The Reviews for Yatterman (2009) 1080p

Live action anime, with heavy feedback applied.Reviewed byrjm-geoVote: 7/10

So the challenge is to make a full length live action movie from an anime series which did not stray too far from "Dudly Do-Right" in scope.

One way, and this is what director Miike chooses, is to keep the visuals and story at the original "Loony-Tunes" level, but make the characters and subtext more adult. This will either work for you, or leave you aghast, depending on if you expected a kids movie or not.

It's obvious from the opening shot of Doronjo where Miike is headed with this movie. It's a kids movie for adults, not to be confused with a kids movie with jokes thrown in for adults. I enjoyed it.

Kyoko Fukada as Doronjo is hot enough to burn celluloid; the rest of the Dorombo gang is well cast, too. The Yatterman side is weaker, but probably deliberately so. The running gag of the movie is that the Dorombo gang must always lose, this is funnier if the good guys don't really seem to be worthy opponents.

There is a lot of CG animation in this movie, and while it's well done for the most part, the extended CG fight scenes get less and less interesting as the film rolls on into the second half.

A lot of fun but a little overlong.Reviewed byChung MoVote: 7/10

Once again somebody let Miike get a hold of something originally intended for children and family audiences and let him go with it. Once again, as in "The Great Yokai War", he manages to stay true to the source while having some fun with it. There's a decent number of funny scenes and the look of the film is imaginative. While I'm sure Japanese audiences who remember the original television series can appreciate it more, other viewers can enjoy the silliness regardless.

The actors are having fun with their roles and the effects (while frequently cartoony) go with the self-conscious storyline. The few downsides are the editing which slows down by the second half and the inevitable Miike-isms which get through in this movie a bit more than "The Great Yokai War". While most of this movie can be considered a family entertainment at one point the Bad Guys create a female robot with exposed breasts that shoots bullets and missiles out of it's nipples. Whenever the robot fires, it goes into increasing orgasmic convulsions. Some might laugh that off but soon Miike has mini ant robots bite the female robot's left nipple off which results in a spray of oil out of the gash along with more orgasmic vocalizations. Suddenly the Good Guy's dog robot gets sexually aroused by the mutilation and leaps over to passionately kiss the female robot. Ichi the Killer anyone? Anyway, aside from another scene involving a girl's inner thigh (he did this in Yokai War as well), the film could have been a fun family entertainment. As it is, it's recommended for adults.

Overall it's good and be sure to watch through the credits.

non Miike flickReviewed bytrashgangVote: 6/10

Was I fooled by seeing the name of Takashi Miike on the sleeve of this DVD. i thought, well, we are going to have a hell of a time seeing bodies explode and other gory shots but was I wrong. This was just an animae made into a feature. And it is done in a typical Japanese style with all the flying things and close ups. Did I like it, yes, because I don't have problems with their culture and because it was so full of effects that it even remind me of Lazy Town, yes, that child thing. It's a weird flick full of CGI effects and no gore at all but you can see the love through it in the way it was made for this flick. If you think it's going to be a typical Miike than just leave it. If you have no problem with things said above, watch it.

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